Google Merchant Center Help

Google Merchant Center is a platform that digital online sellers upload their product information which fuels Google Shopping Ads (formerly Product Listing Ads). In the Merchant Center, you also provide details about your eCommerce store’s shipping costs or tax information.

The products that appear when you conduct the Google Shopping search have been made available through Google Merchant Center.

The Merchant Center also serves as an information source about the organic, unpaid listings of products that Google recently added to Google’s Google Shopping Tab.


How Google Merchant Center Works

1. You’ll need a Google Account in order to create an account with a Merchant Center Account.

If you have an existing account (such as a Gmail account or Google My Business account) you can make use of it.

2. Next step providing Google with your shop’s online details.

This could include the name of your business physical address, service contact, the shop’s domain, and a few other fundamental details.

3. After that, you must provide the information regarding your product in a format that is compatible with Google’s feed specifications.

The attributes that you should include with each product that you feed your data feed are the unique ID of the product as well as a title, an online link to the product’s website along with prices, hyperlink to an image of the product, as well as the description.

Once you’ve got your feed setup You can then submit the feed to Google Merchant Center. IC Digital Marketing LLC can assist you to improve this process.

To keep the ‘Active’ status of your products and to run ads on a continuous basis, you need to update the information about your products at least every thirty days. However, you must submit it more frequently to ensure that the information you have on your feed changes. This is the case when you add new products, take away the old ones, products go off the shelves, pricing fluctuates and a special sale is put into place, etc.

It is possible to update your feed up to four times per day.

4. To be able to run Shopping Ads, you will have to connect the Google Merchant Center account to your Google Ads account.


Is Google Merchant Center account free?

Google Merchant Center (GMC) account is completely free to set up and utilize. While advertisers may decide to utilize it only to create the free listing of their products in the Shopping Tab The primary purpose of having a GMC account is typical to use it for Shopping Ads – a paid type of advertisement for products.

If you manage Google Shopping Ads, you will be billed through the account you have with the Google Ads account.


Benefits of Google Merchant Center

It is a Merchant Center account that entails one important benefit. It’s a platform for advertising your product on Google Shopping. It lets you store the essential information about your product for the creation and delivery of your ads to prospective customers.

If you do not have Google Merchant Center (GMC) your products won’t be displayed as products on Google Shopping. Additionally, you are not able to make Product Ads unless you add enough product information into GMC. GMC account.

If you are selling products directly to customers, Google Merchant Center is one of the tools you require. It must be an integral component in your digital strategy for marketing.

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How can I include products in Google Merchant Center?

There are several methods to upload your items into the Merchant Center:


  • Importing an XML. or TXT. feed file or Google Spreadsheet with your entire catalogue of products

Manual upload (adding items one at a)


  • Via Content API , or by using FTP/SFTP

We will concentrate on the two methods which are the most well-known with online retailers.


How to upload your items into Merchant Center via a feed file:

1) On the account of your Merchant Center account, navigate to Products, then click ‘Feeds’.

2) Use the blue + button to import the data from your feed

3) You can name your feed, and then select the method of import.

Utilizing the ‘Scheduled fetch’ feature lets you create a hyperlink to a feed of data which will be checked for any updates by Google daily. This way, you will make sure that your data is always up-to-date and current. To make a feed file using a live URL, and to optimize it quickly, you can make use of feed management software like IC Digital Marketing LLC.

4.) Send a link to your data feed, and then select the best time to receive daily updates

(or upload an image file to your computer if you select the “Upload” option)

It’s recommended to plan your daily updates within a few hours after your data feed has finished being refreshed. For IC Digital Marketing LLC users, this would be the day following your scheduled weekly shop-related update.

5) Other information is required including the target country as well as destinations.

6) Now Save

After saving, your product information will be processed and you’ll soon see the health report of your product’s data in the Diagnostics section.


Steps to include your products in the Merchant Center by hand in one step at a time:

1) On the account you have created in your Merchant Center account, navigate to Products, then select ‘All products’.

2) Click the plus button in blue to add a new product.

3) Give all the necessary details about the product and save.

The drawback to this manually-based method of operation is that it is extremely time-consuming in the event that you have many products in your store. In addition, it requires regular manual updates. If you fail to refresh your data frequently this could result in errors in your data and Google disapproving of your products as well as suspending or removing the Merchant Center account.


How do I create a feed to Google Merchant Center?

To promote your product on Google Shopping or the Surfaces of Google (free listing of products) you require an item feed that is compliant with Google’s Specification for Product Data.

There are many alternatives for online merchants to create feeds for their products. The feed of their products is to be used in Google Merchant Center.


1.) Automating the creation of data feeds and optimizing

Utilizing a feed management application, you can develop a customized product feed in a matter of minutes. This approach generally provides the most flexibility and flexibility, as well as the ability to expand your marketing campaigns.


2.) Connection to API directly

Certain eCommerce platforms (Shopify being one of them) offer the ability to establish a straight API integration to Google Merchant Center. This way the information about your products will be automatically transmitted to GMC and is updated regularly. It’s quick & easy.

The disadvantage lies in the information about the product configurations that you store that are transmitted to Google. This means that the information you’re providing to GMC is not always tailored to GMC’s recommended practices and algorithms.


3) Export data to your online store

A lot of shopping carts provide an option to export your information about the product into a feed file. On a single-data export basis, or to export the information using an ongoing URL that updates.

Similar to the past the product information in the feed reflects the shop setup 1-to-1, which may not be the best setting to display your shopping ads.


How do I join Google Merchant Center (GMC) to a Google Ads account?

Okay OK, you’ve got it all set up. Merchant Center Account is set up and the feed has been loaded. What now?

• To promote your products through Shopping Ads, you need to connect your Merchant Account with your Google Ads account.

The linking process has to be initiated within the GMC account. There are two steps:

Step 1 1. Connect your Google Ads account from your Merchant Center Interface

Options > Links Accounts > your Google Ads account > Select the right Customer ID Click “Link”

Step 2. Accept the request to connect via Google Ads Interface

Follow click on the Tools button > Settings > Accounts linked to Google and then Google Merchant Center > Details > Approve

The detailed directions to each of the steps are here…


What is the best way to choose the country of sale within the Merchant Center?

When connecting the products into the Merchant Center account, whether you do it manually or using data feeds You will be asked to choose your country of choice.

You may also check your settings for feeds and then add a second market should you wish to display your items in Google Shopping across multiple countries.

Step 1. Go into Products, then Feeds.

Step 2. Click at the top of the page to see the Product Feed’s name.

Step 3. Proceed to Settings

Step 4. Click the 3 dots that are vertically aligned in the upper right corner to display the option of adding more countries.


What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is an eCommerce site that allows online shoppers to look up and compare different products. It also lets users know the places where they can buy items at a price.

It is a custom-built search engine that is distinct from Google’s primary search pages.

This implies that it owns its own domains. For instance:




It is linked to Google’s main search results. If a user is searching for a keyword related to a product or phrase, they’ll see Shopping Ads.

In addition, there are textual ads (Google Search Ads) and organic results.

Utilizing Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping You can boost sales by bringing potential customers to your site.


Is Google Shopping accessible?

At present, Google Shopping is available and fully implemented in 58 countries of the world: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belarusian, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czechia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan. There are also several markets that are on BETA.


What Are Google Product Ads?

Google Product ads (Shopping ads) operate similarly similar to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisements on Google’s primary search pages. They provide you with the opportunity to boost exposure for your product.

They pay to show up in more prominent places on the Google Shopping or Search Results Page. For instance at the highest of the webpage.

If your products are more noticeable, you receive more visitors to your website on the part of potential purchasers. This usually leads to increased sales.


Benefits of Google Shopping and Product Ads


1.) Spotlight for your product and your brand, originating from a reliable source

The presence of your products in Google’s eCommerce sites can make you more visible to an increased number of customers. It also helps build confidence among prospective customers because of the connection with Google’s name.


2) Bring more qualified visitors to your site

A click on a shopping advertisement implies a significant likelihood of buying. Visitors who come to your site via Your Shopping Ads are more likely to purchase more than regular visitors. Exactly 50 percent higher likelihood.


3.) Shopping Ads work better in eCommerce than text-based advertisements.

All it boils down to is the ability to visualize. When looking for a certain item, be it an umbrella, a shoe, or even an electric razor, it’s much more enjoyable to imagine yourself using a product we can see instead of a product that we study.


4) Create brand trust through the ratings of merchants and products

Create confidence with buyers build trust with potential buyers including reviews of the seller and the product in the Google Shopping listings.

Statistics show that today 90% of people look up online reviews prior to visiting businesses. The majority of customers believe in online reviews as much as they believe in personal suggestions.


5) More insight into your Customers

Data is the key to power, as they claim. Luckily, Google Ads offers lots of valuable reports on your conversions, which can aid in improving both your paid advertisements and your overall marketing strategy overall.


6) Greater local visibility

It is possible to integrate the Merchant Center with Google My Business to improve the visibility of your business in local results. If you have inventory information for your location and you want to display local inventory ads to consumers looking to shop nearby.


What is Google Merchant Center?

The Google Merchant Center is a single online platform that allows online businesses to manage their web presence across all Google E-commerce products. They can also make adjustments to their listings on the internet as they need to.

The main goal that is the primary goal of Google Merchant Center is to let businesses upload and store information about their products including pricing and pictures which will then be displayed on pertinent Google Shopping searches. Google Merchant Center Google Merchant Center also integrates with various other Google services, like Google My Business, to provide a robust control and oversight in the area of Google marketing and e-commerce.


Control all Google interactions

After a company is able to successfully complete the set-up process, Google Merchant Center together with the tied-in services offers a variety of benefits.


  • Correct Google shopping listings: Buyers searching Google for items will see the company’s offerings in a format similar to a catalog which will increase the amount of visibility.
  • Integration with Google AdWords: Every item in the Google Merchant Center can be linked directly to specific AdWords advertisements quickly and efficiently. Remarketing methods can also be used to remind users of previous purchases.
  • Google Analytics support: Analytics users are able to add a custom Segment specifically designed for Google Merchant Center hits, that keeps their stats distinct from other web pages.
  • Online reviews for products: Public reviews of products are integrated into the listing with their star ratings appearing in the listing. 4.5and 5-star items are given priority place in the listing.
  • Direct funnels on websites: Buyers by clicking on the listing in the public can be directly taken to the store’s page on an e-commerce website.
  • Google Local Search integration: Listings can include geographical tags that direct customers to local stores within a short distance.


How do you register to do so is register Google Merchant Center

Due to its integration with numerous other Google ventures, It is necessary to setting up Google Merchant Center is a complex process. Google Merchant Center involves an extensive process that involves several steps:

1. At least one current Google account, but Merchant Center can also be set up to support multiple logins.

2. A verified business and website is part of Google My Business This also requires adherence to a variety of Google guidelines like giving an accurate physical address, contact number, technical assistance along with a secured checkout.

3. Complete product information, including prices, availability, and shipping information in a format Google accepts, for example, TXT as well as XML files that are derived from Excel spreadsheets. In certain cases, it’s possible to import product data from an existing online e-commerce platform.

4. Integrations offered by eCommerce platforms to sync all the data needed by GMC.


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