Google Ads Service

Since 2011, we’ve been a digital media agency offering pay-per-click marketing for search focused exclusively on Google Ads management – improving conversion rates for paid search by over 60%. We draw on our expertise to implement proven methods of managing ads, increasing conversions, and lowering costs per conversion. Get the most results from the value of your Google Ad spend today!

Google Ads Service


  • A Google Partner agency that is certified by Google Ads Display and Google shopping
  • Monthly meetings and detailed reports
  • eCommerce Google Ads strategies focused on leads and sales


Our Google Ads management professionals make your paid-search marketing campaigns a success.

With IC Digital Marketing LLC we handle Your Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) account, and we target the right keywords to bring customers to your website. A thorough and targeted keyword analysis will identify the most cost-effective strategy to get customers searching specifically for what you have to offer. We’ll design efficient paid search campaigns that focus on achieving your desired cost per lead or sale using powerful research tools and experience in the industry. When spending money on Google Ads, you can help eager customers find your website, even though they would not necessarily be able to find it using the traditional (organic) search techniques for optimizing your engine. Our in-house team, as well as our years of experience, makes us the top Google AdWords business you should work with.

Our aim is to convert every dollar you spend into multiple dollars of profits – creating an effective, sustainable Ads Campaign.


Keyword Research and Competitive Ads Analysis

The right keywords to advertise on is the first step to achieving success. We’ll study keywords and competitors to design an effective Google Ads strategy that boosts sales and has a positive return on investment.


The Campaign Development and the Ad Copy Creation

We’ll create the Ads campaign, design the ad copy, and then configure the settings. Multiple ads will be developed and modified to get the best rate of conversion possible.


Detail Reporting and Team Meetings

Every month we’ll send you a thorough summary of the work done by the Ads Manager, and the plans for the next month. We’ll also schedule a follow-up phone call with our team, and yours.


What is the process for Google Ads / Google AdWords campaign management function?


Pay-per-click Analysis & Implementation

With a reputable Google Ads account, we will look at the past data to determine which elements perform best and modify other components to function similarly. We’ll then alter the bidding options and keywords, as well as the text of ads and links to destinations to meet our objectives. Our goal is to generate as many leads and sales as we can per dollar.


Conversion Tracking and ROI Analysis

Our reports reveal which keywords generate leads or sales, and which ones aren’t. We track this to be certain we’re focused on the words that are most effective and focusing on specific keywords.


Search Network Advertising

We keep track of your search engine performance and engagement in order to adjust ads, bids, and keywords to best reflect the type of traffic that is the most effective on your website.


Advertising Variation & Testing

Multiple ads are tested with A/B testing to find out which ads result in the most conversion and click-through rates. We also create copies of landing pages and test which is most effective.


Monthly Maintenance

The account’s entire structure will be reviewed monthly to identify what areas could be improved, and to ensure that your campaign is operating smoothly. Changes to your keywords will continue to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Our aim is to develop campaigns that have an excellent return on investment that will allow your company to make wise investments and become profitable each month. A manual review of your account makes sure you’re not spending too much and your ads are displayed in the most effective locations to increase conversion. Through our review, we’ll identify the most important factors for your site to be effective through PPC and expand the amount of money spent on your campaign as it grows. We collaborate with you and hold monthly calls to ensure that we’re all on the same page regarding goals and results.


As a reputable Google Ads / AdWords campaign management firm, what kind of services are we able to provide?


  • Keyword research and the process of planning
  • Google Ads campaign Budget analysis
  • Review of competitor ads
  • Optimization and creation of landing pages
  • Google Ads campaign set up
  • Google Ad copy creation and testing
  • Analysis of conversion rates
  • Review of content and changes
  • Google Analytics review
  • In-progress bid adjustments
  • and many more


How Do Google Ads Work?

Google is the most popular search engine that people use for answers to their questions or find information which is why being there when people are searching for your service or product is vital. Google Ads gives you the option of choosing which keywords or searches that your ads are displayed for, the message you convey to potential customers and what pages they go to when they arrive on your site.

We use the potential that is Google Ads to reach your customers at the appropriate time when we direct your customers to the content on your website that is most likely to help them solve their problems or answer their issues. Utilizing the many strategies and tools within Google Ads, we can bring in visitors who aren’t familiar with your business, remind former visitors to your site of the benefits you have to offer, and grow your business through increased revenue or lead.


How Much Does Google’s Ads cost?

Google Ads operates on a cost-per-click system which means you are paid for each time someone clicks one of your advertisements and goes to your site. Each keyword has a distinct cost-per-click based on how well-known the term is, as well as how much others are prepared to invest in. Google Ads runs off of the bidding model and when you’re willing to pay more than the other website is, your ad will typically be more expensive than the others. Due to this, the most searched-for keywords, which are popular, or are the most effective for companies to generate sales and leads are typically those that are the least expensive per click.

One of the biggest advantages of using Google Ads is that what you spend on advertising is totally yours to decide. If you’re subject to a strict budget for marketing we will work with you to determine what campaigns you should prioritize to maximize the ROI. We’ll work with you to determine the most effective budget, depending on your goals and your competitive landscape. However, the budget we agree on could be (and must be) altered or increased based on the performance of the campaign and seasonal fluctuations in demand, and a myriad of other variables. No matter what, you’ll be aware of how much you’re spending and you’ll have complete control over your budget.


Working With The ICDigital Ads Management Team

Since the beginning of our partnership, the entire process focused on helping you achieve your business objectives. Our sales team learns the goals you have set in the initial phase of discovery. If we both decide that a collaboration would be beneficial, we go immediately to get to work. You will be assigned a Google Ads expert who will determine your goals and develop an entire plan of action on the best way to reach those goals, with a goal to meet those targets in the shortest time possible. Like any other marketing campaign, we’ll require tweaks over the first two or three months of engagement before we truly begin to see amazing results, however, our team is never done improving. We are committed to ensuring all your keyword phrases, ads’ text, budget target as well as all other aspects that Google ads have are examined and optimized every month.


Google Ads Management for eCommerce Websites

We assist eCommerce websites to be visible at precisely the moment a potential buyer is seeking to buy. Similar to having full control of your budget to advertise, you have total control over what keywords will trigger your ads. This is advantageous to eCommerce Google Ads clients because we are able to focus our efforts on search terms that clearly demonstrate an intention to buy. While you may want to rank for keywords such as “new sneakers” as well as “types that include basketball footwear” for results from organic searches Your advertising budget should be focused on keywords such as “buy shoes on the internet” since those who are searching for that term are more likely to make the purchase. We also aid clients to leverage the advertising in Google Shopping, where they are able to view the product, read about the product in greater in-depth, and see a comparison of your advantages as an alternative to your competitors.


Make money by implementing an effective Advertising Campaign

Unmanaged Google Ad campaigns are extremely frequent, which means that businesses spend more than they need to reach their objectives. The main reasons are:


  • Nobody is currently managing the campaign.
  • Bidding on keywords that are not relevant
  • Inviting visitors to low conversion landing pages
  • Displaying ads at the wrong times of the day
  • Only using text ads but not Google Shopping
  • The absence of negative keywords in campaigns
  • The company that is not experienced in is in charge of the campaign

We often manage to increase leads by more than doubling sales from a campaign, without having to spend more money and the campaign is only half efficient. In IC Digital Marketing LLC we’ll walk you through a 75% Google Ads audit that will identify the areas in the campaign that aren’t well-designed and highlight opportunities to make improvements.


The importance of optimized paid Search Landing Pages

A landing page that is well-designed and draws the attention of your visitors and guides users to the next step you’d like them to do is the most important element of an effective Ads campaign. If you don’t have a website that is converting visitors, you’ll never ensure a positive ROI on your ad spending. The elements you need to take into consideration are your imagery as well as headlines, copy, and your call to action (buttons and links that point to the places you’d like them to be). We can assist you in creating amazing landing pages. You can also test A/B different versions of landing pages in order to find out which one performs best.


Google Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Google Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing is the most efficient way to instantly boost revenue for your company. It works by delivering high-quality potential customers and clients who are willing to purchase your products or services to your site.


How It Works

If an internet user conducts the Google query, PPC advertisements are the first thing to be displayed on that Google result page. They are prominent ads that are displayed in the form of advertisements and are displayed over the organic results.

PPC advertisements allow organizations and businesses regardless of size to gain the most exposure online.


Premium Google Ads Management – Flat Monthly Fees With No Percentage of Monthly Spend

We don’t believe in making money by wasting it. Instead, we’d like to get the most value on the advertisement budget. Our complete service month-long Google Ads management fees start at $3,500 per month and include an annual budget of Google Ad clicks.

We will help you establish the most effective budget for clicks that will yield the highest ROI. There is an initial audit fee and cost of setting up that is determined by what you need to accomplish for your company.

Contrary to other companies which charge a percentage of advertisement spend We charge a flat monthly cost based on the amount of work needed to meet your goals and targets. The monthly price is determined by your market’s competition and the ongoing work required, and the budget you have set for clicks. We do not believe in asking for a number of your advertising expenditures as other agencies if it will not benefit your business financially.


Initial Google Ads Set-Up

Audit and Interview

The initial setup of your campaign includes an audit of your entire campaign and interaction with the company to comprehend your long-term goals and goals.

Extensive Keyword Research

The next step is to conduct thorough research to find out more about the preferences and habits of your target audience on the internet. Once we have a greater comprehension of how your audience is working, we’ll conduct extensive keyword research to understand the way your prospective customers and customers use certain keywords on the internet. It is vital to understand the intent of searchers for maximizing the return on your investment using Google Ads.

Competitive Analysis

Knowing who your competition is and the ways they’re using Google Ads will help you reduce your expenses and achieve the highest ROI. We conduct a thorough analysis of all your competitors to determine their strategies as well as weaknesses.

Ad Creation and Content

Our team of creative writers creates captivating ads or landing pages to help your campaign get the highest conversion rate.

Landing Page Design and Conversion Rate Optimization

The process of bringing traffic to your site is just half of the effort required to achieve the highest rate of conversion. The pages we advertise with Google Ads need compelling content attractive visuals, as well as an amazing user experience, particularly for mobile devices. Our team of creative web developers and designers can assist you with creating high-quality landing pages that provide the most enjoyable experience.

Our Monthly Services

Google Ads aren’t a “one and done” type of model for advertising. It requires continuous work in order to get the most out of your investment.

Features Included:


  • Weekly Google Ads Reporting
    A comprehensive report will be sent out every week that will provide an overview of the effectiveness on your marketing campaign.
  • One Monthly Campaign Strategy Call
    A phone call is scheduled between your Google Ads campaign strategist and your personal Google Ads specialist once a month to review your reporting and discuss the next month’s plan of action.


Objective Recommendations That Help You Save Money

Google Ads’ system is highly automated and extremely subjective in its determination of what is the most efficient method to optimize your campaign and allocate funds for advertising. We do not believe in an untrue bias of Google. We are adamant about objective advice and strategies based on actual data that is in line with your goals and goals. Our aim is to ensure that you spend most effectively and earn the highest return on your Google Ads budget.


  • Weekly access to the Google Certified Professional
    You’ll be able to talk directly for any or the Certified Google Ad professionals by email or by phone for any concerns or questions regarding your campaign.
  • Weekly Google Ads Management and Monitoring
    Our team will keep track of your campaign on a daily basis to ensure your campaign runs smoothly, and your website is always online.
  • Weekly Google Ads Optimization
    Our team will keep working to optimize, tweak and improve and improve your Google Ads campaign to deliver the most effective return on investment.
  • Weekly Conversion Tracking
    Our team will track and monitor the number of calls and online forms to ensure that leads are reaching your team.
  • Assistance with Landing Page Content from Our Writing Staff, a Professional
    Modifications and improvements on your website’s landing pages to be optimized for Google Ads may be suggested to increase conversion rates on your landing page landing pages. Our team of content marketers is constantly providing suggestions and assistance in making these adjustments.
  • Monitoring and testing monthly A/B tests to determine the best rate of conversion for the landing pages of your campaign.
  • Advance Google Ads data mining. We will be able to collect important information and insights of your Ads campaign to assist your company in conceiving and create the content pages and videos of the future with verified data that shows what internet users are looking for and are interested in. Your company will no longer throw spaghetti at the wall to find what sticks.


Overspending and Under Tracking

The majority of businesses and institutions we audit have overspent by hundreds of dollars every month, and are not adequately monitoring their campaigns or keeping track of the most important indicators.

Below Are Some of the Most Common Reasons People Waste Money With Google Ads


  • The company that manages Google Ads is not skilled enough.
  • Nobody is able to accurately measure the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • The site you’re sending click traffic to isn’t optimized to convert. It could be because of the website’s contents, the user experience on the site visuals, or numerous other factors.
  • The phrases that are purchased do not have an intent behind them. Most of the time, people don’t examine the motives behind the phrases they purchase. They also tend to forget to utilize negative key phrases.


Contact our Google Ad experts

I am Google Analytics and Google Ads certified (Google AdWords Partner) and experienced (10+ years) senior advisor, who specializes in Google AdWords, Google Analytics (UA and GA4), Google Tag Manager, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Web Development. My services include: – Google Ads, Facebook and Bing campaign management and optimizations – GA, GA4 and GTM (dataLayer) audit and implementation – Microsoft Clarity implementation – GA Enhanced E-commerce (Shopify, WooCommerce, custom shopping carts) – Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, AdRoll, and other conversion and remarketing pixel implementation – Google Data Studio custom dashboards – Google Optimize, VWO, Optimizely, and other service integration.

Expert Ads Management (Including Google Grants and Local Service Ads), Microsoft (Bing/Yahoo/AOL) Ads, Account Audits, Campaign Creation, Optimization, and Ongoing Management. I also offer SEO & Geo-Fencing Campaign Management. More details about me and my experience are below.

Experienced – I have a total of 20+ years of Advertising & Digital Marketing experience and 14 Years of Google Ads Management Experience. I am a fully certified Google and Microsoft Ads Professional and Google Premier Partner. I’ve managed hundreds of PPC campaigns, from small to large.

Honest – Integrity is essential to me. I’m a straight shooter, and there are no smoke & mirrors here. I’ll let you know the pros and cons of whatever it is you’d like to achieve and how long it might take to get there. If I don’t feel it’s achievable, I’ll let you know and brainstorm with you on other options.

Reliable – You’ve worked with them before – everything starts excellent, and then they go AWOL on you and are suddenly nowhere to be found. With me, you’ll never have to wonder because I’ll always be here, in your corner and on your team.

Responsive – With reliability comes responsiveness. I’m a stickler about getting back to people as quickly as possible, and that usually means within the hour and never longer than 24 hours, and I never end a day without responding to all my emails.

Problem-Solver – This job comes with many challenges, but I always find a way around any issues that might arise. I will turn over every rock to get an answer or solution to a problem.

Creative – I like to say that I utilize both sides of my brain equally. My creative side comes in handy for ad creation and website suggestions, while the analytical side expertly strategizes and manages the more technical side of campaigns.

Organized – With campaign management, efficiency is crucial, and excellent organizational skills also lead to a better foundation when building out and managing campaigns.

Consultive – While I do aim to take the burden of building and managing campaigns off my client’s shoulders, I also take a consultive approach. I work hard at educating my clients so that they have a firm grasp of what’s going on behind the scenes and so that we can collaborate in making their marketing efforts a success.




$ 250
Delivery Time- 4days
Number of Audience Targeting Suggestions- 5
Number of Bidding & Budget Suggestions- 3
Account Audit
Action Plan
Ongoing Management


$ 300
Delivery Time- 3days
Number of Audience Targeting Suggestions- 10
Number of Bidding & Budget Suggestions- 5
Account Audit
Action Plan
Ongoing Management


$ 350
Delivery Time- 2days
Number of Audience Targeting Suggestions- 15
Number of Bidding & Budget Suggestions- 10
Account Audit
Action Plan
Ongoing Management

Let’s take a look at why your business needs a branding service and how IC Digital Marketing LLC can help you.

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