Facebook is the highest-rated organic social media platform in the world of B2C marketers. It is also in the top three among B2B marketers. This huge community on the internet gives companies across all industries the chance to reach out to their targeted viewers, build an army of followers and have their content appear on their News Feeds.

This helps to create brand awareness and promote lead generation by disseminating content to every phase that is part of the sale funnel.

The creation of a business page on Facebook can also give your business the chance to interact with industry peers as well as build connections with influencers on social media and build important connections for the business. Additionally, it aids the search engine optimization campaign by driving traffic to your websites.

As a full-service online marketing business, IC Digital Marketing LLC provides a wide range of options for Social Media Management Services. We can handle everything on your Facebook and Instagram management for paid-for ads across every one of us. Any social media marketing campaign we execute is designed to support your goals for marketing and aid you in achieving your business goals. We create plans, take action and then repeat.

Benefits Of Facebook Business Manager

Facebook launched Business Manager to address issues for businesses. Business Manager has many advantages over the prior system.

  • Manage multiple pages and ad accounts through the same Business Manager.
  • Control access to their advertising accounts Pages, ad accounts and additional assets that are on Facebook.
  • It is easy to manage the process of adding or removing employees and organizations from your account. You can easily add or remove employees and agencies.
  • Different levels of permissions are granted depending on your business goals.
  • Get valuable data from pixel sensors
  • Create custom audiences quickly to support your advertising campaigns.
  • Log into the Catalog and create sets of products easily.
  • Business level reporting across multiple accounts.
  • FB Support will refer to the business manager when troubleshooting issues.
  • Manage billing details and check spending thresholds.

If Facebook is an important platform to advertise for clients, make sure to fully educate your staff and talk to your customer about what you’ll be doing with Facebook.

We’ll guide you through the ways your business can benefit from these features by creating the Business Manager account.

Facebook Business Manager Help

As a complete online marketing company, IC Digital Marketing LLC provides a wide selection of Social Media Management Services. We can manage everything from your Facebook as well as Instagram management for your paid-for advertisements across all of.

In any case, every social media campaign we run is designed to help your marketing goals and assist you to reach your goals as a business. We plan, implement measures, then repeat.

#1. Social Media Management

We provide rolling and monthly social media management services along with customized quotes for almost everything you require in terms of Facebook marketing. We can create your social media profiles from scratch, which includes setting up roles for your page, creating content for Your Business Page, customizing notifications and tabs for your page as well as aiding in the promotion of your page via your website, and more.

Alternately, we can improve your current Facebook presence through:

  • Establishing the strategic goals.
  • Finding your ideal audience using Audience Insights as well as other tools.
  • Enhancing the content of your Business Page copy.
  • Make suggestions on what information to include on the About page of your website.
  • Include calls-to action on the Business Page.
  • Aiding you to build your followership base.
  • Making a posting schedule.
  • Sharing social media-related content such as immediate stories, links, photos, questions, videos and much more.
  • Collaboration with other brands to grow your presence within the social media network.
  • Responding to remarks.
  • More.

#2. Social Engagement Videos

Video is the most popular type of content on Facebook. It is a proven way to increase engagement metrics (impressions likes, shares, comments) over any other kind of content on the platform.

IC Digital Marketing LLC has an internal video production team in the company that is able to write, create and edit social-engagement videos. These 30-45-second videos are designed for a memorable experience, entertaining, and easy to digest by anyone browsing through the cluttered News Feed.

#3. Social Media Ad Management

Facebook Advertising management is among our areas of specialization at IC Digital Marketing LLC. We work with Ad Manager and Power Editor to supervise your ads from beginning to completion. We’ll assist you in defining your targeted audiences, choosing the most appropriate Facebook advertising formats, distributing spending strategically across other channels, and evaluating the results on your social media paid ads.

We can also design targeted conversion landing pages optimized for your ads as well as your Sponsored Posts. We can also write engaging ads or banners, and much more.

#4. Social Listening

Keep an eye on the ground, using tools for social listening, and strategies Our social media experts can effectively discover conversations that either way on Facebook – that users are having with your company.

We are able to monitor and collect important metrics like mentions of your brand and the context of these mentions, sentiments, and share of your brand’s voice within industry discussions in comparison to competition’s and many more. This information is invaluable in managing reputation and the development of customer relationships. It is also a great way to determine opportunities to collaborate with influencers on social media.

#5. Social Media Contest Creation and Management

Rule No. 1 of every social media platform: Be social. At IC Digital Marketing LLC we don’t think of Facebook as a distribution platform. We also make sure we’re actively engaging with the appropriate groups and going the extra mile to establish relationships with leads who might be interested.

One way we accomplish this is by planning Contests as well as user-generated content campaigns which will increase followers and increase engagement with your existing customers. We can also help you manage these campaigns throughout their execution and track the results.

#6. Reporting

The most effective Facebook advertising is efficient when it’s part of an overall strategy that meets the goals you have set. It doesn’t matter if it’s to drive more visitors to your site and increase lead generation, increase customer satisfaction, create trust with customers, or all of the above. Our social media strategists create benchmark reports and track the effectiveness of the campaigns you’ve launched on an annual basis.

The most important metrics that we consider in our reporting and analytics are:

  • Impressions.
  • Reach.
  • Clicks.
  • Likes.
  • Shares.
  • Comments.
  • Facebook referrer traffic.
  • Follows.
  • Video metrics.
  • Cost-per-click, cost-per-action, cost-per-thousand-impressions and other paid ad metrics.

We also can develop custom reports for specific social events, such as contests and content created by users.

#7. Strategize. Engage. Convert

There’s no need to join all of the 2 billion Facebook users. You only need to connect with those who have commercial value for your brand.

Our Facebook management service will assist you in determining a strategy to connect with these users and turn them into valuable prospects.

Difference Between Facebook Ads Manager vs. Facebook Business Manager

Many agencies and companies that provide social media management services appreciate it because all of their business accounts and profiles are stored together in one location (insert the praises of the crowd). Did you know that there’s an important distinction Between Facebook Ads Manager vs. Facebook Business Manager? The amazing realm of Facebook can be complicated for some users. So we thought we’d discuss these two kinds of accounts on the platform we use the most.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook advertisements manager can be used exclusively to manage and create advertising campaigns. In your ads manager, you’ll have the ability to choose which account to see under your profile, or on the profile of your agency based on who is the owner of the account. If, for instance, your agency is the owner of an ad account you can create businesses to the account and then create their own advertising account in the agency’s profile. Through ads manager, you can look at reports on ad campaigns that are extremely helpful when discussing the performance of ads with your customers.

There are two kinds of generic “ads,” within Facebook but they are not the same. There are real Facebook ads as well as promoted posts. Facebook advertising manager in actual fact, is different from simply boosting posts that are already in the Facebook feed. If you state that you have launched an advertisement, however, you really put money into a post to your Facebook page, then you didn’t necessarily launch a Facebook ad.

It is still possible to reach your target audience using the boosted posts, but there is no way to view reports or select the objective, brand awareness or video views, or page likes, for instance when you use these types of posts. The primary goal of these kinds of posts is to increase visibility and engagement with the post. If you’re interested in seeing the specificity of how you can reach an audience through normal advertisements on Facebook, contact IC Digital Marketing LLC.

Another great feature of Facebook advertising manager is that it lets you filter ads based on objective criteria, audience demographics, and also ad distribution whether it is currently active or complete, recent complete, and so on. If you’re looking to see the effectiveness of various ads the same way, this feature comes in useful!

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook’s business manager can save us much time that is nice. We utilize it to manage pages for businesses as well as manage who’s an administrator on these pages and manage advertising accounts. We view it as the center of everything Facebook management. The ability to access pages or ads accounts if you do not have access. Additionally, you can alter the access levels of employees to ads accounts.

There are three kinds of assets one can assign to the management of the business (ads) administrator. These are an ad account analyst (can only view ads) an advertiser for ad accounts (can modify and control ads) and an administrator of the ad account (can oversee the entire campaign). In case you do not have an account or a page for your business then you can set them up using business manager, too. In the business manager, you can change the permissions of the individuals you have created within your account. Below is every category that you are able to modify.

Another benefit of Facebook Business Manager is the fact that you are sure the accounts you have are safe Additionally, you don’t have to be friends with your colleagues on Facebook prior to adding them as admins (even though we like getting to know our fellow colleagues).

If you have a business page you can give your team members different accounts and modify their permissions, for instance, page administrator, editor live contributor, analyst, moderator, and advertiser. Maybe you just want or require someone to view particular information. This is why it is important!

If you’re not currently using these Facebook features, it’s time to get started! If you’re not currently advertising yet, why is that? Do you require help in any of these areas? Let us know. We’d love to discuss this in this regard.

About This Product Of Facebook Business Manager

  1. Are you looking to build your business using Facebook Advertising but you don’t have an account for ads or a Business Account?
  2. Are you searching for a reliable Social Media Managers?
  3. Is this the right solution for you? We’re here to address your issue and assist you to increase the success of your company.
  4. IC Digital Marketing LLC will set up an account for a Business Manager account, Ads Account, Ad Run Ads Campaign.

How We Will Provide Facebook Business Manager Help Services

  • Create a new account for business managers with the existing FB account
  • Create Business Unverified/Verified Manager(Email Verified)
  • Create a business Facebook page
  • Create an Facebook ads account
  • Business manager should be properly set up
  • Create & Run Campaign
  • Pixel is installed on your site
  • Event Tracking Setup
  • Domain Setup
  • Developer App Setup
  • Connect your Instagram account Instagram account

What are we looking for from you?

  • Your company’s name.
  • Your website for business.
  • Your business email.
  • The number for your business.

Are we different from other sellers?

  • Top Quality work
  • Unlimited Revisions to ensure you’re completely satisfied.
  • Valuable Prices
  • Customer Support is available 24/7.
  • On-time Delivery on time

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have a disabled guarantee?

In reality, Facebook is stricter than it was before. Here we’ll give you a new Facebook and a new advertising account for business managers. If you are banned or disabled because of a violation of their policies, it will be entirely your responsibility.

2. What is the maximum amount of ad accounts to be set up and what’s the maximum amount we can spend in the absence of a Business Manager?

The business manager who is not verified has one account for advertising. Unverified business manager daily spending limit 50$

3. Does it include the cost of Facebook advertising?

No, you will not be charged by Facebook directly for advertisements. This service will only cost you the setup of the account.

A note on pixel apps for fb business

Another thing to note is that we are frequently asked regarding pixels. As a general rule, there’s a requirement of one pixel for each ad account. So if you have three ads each, you’ll require three pixels. They’re connected to the account that’s ad-related and not to the Business Manager, or the page, or even the personal profile.

Every asset you own that you can use for posting on Facebook is required to be kept in your Business Manager, regardless of whether that’s an Instagram account, the applications you utilize, or data sources like catalogs and pixels.

All your assets are protected under this one roof, simplifying life for the business owner and more secure. If you’ve been hesitant about whether to try it we’d suggest you go ahead try it out and your only regret is not taking action earlier!

Take Facebook Business Manager Help From Us

We provide monthly and rolling social media management solutions along with custom quotes for nearly everything you need to know about and Facebook marketing. We can design your social profiles from scratch, which includes the creation of roles for your pages and creating content for Your Business Page, customizing the notifications and tabs on your page, helping you promote your page on websites, as well as much more. If you have any queries or concerns about the Business Manager, please contact our team.

The Facebook Business Manager Experts are specialists in Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and the Audience Network. They can help you identify your audience’s interests, show their creativity, and will help you grow your business in the direction you’re looking for. Contact IC Digital Marketing LLC for a Facebook Business Manager Help review to find out how we can assist you to increase your sales through Facebook Business Manager.


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