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Facebook Ads Service

Facebook Ads service can help your company grow its online presence, increase brand awareness, and improve lead generation and revenue-driving activities with the largest social media network in the world.

IC Digital Marketing LLC is a trusted Facebook Advertising Agency for Facebook Ads Service in California. If you are looking for a powerful way to reach customers and connect with them, we’re the right choice. We are experts in Facebook Marketing. More than 100+ micro-entrepreneurs have been helped by our team. Social media marketing is a specialization of our experts.

We are the best choice for Facebook Marketing and Facebook Ads Service in the California United States. Facebook PPC Management Services make it easy to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook is a great advertising platform for companies looking to grow. It has a large audience (more than two billion monthly), advanced targeting options, and a variety of ad types.

IC Digital Marketing LLC offers Facebook Ads Service to help you and your business maximize the potential of Facebook. We offer a complete solution for Facebook advertising, including the creation of your strategy and creatives, as well as the launch and monitoring of your ads.


What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising allows you to serve ads, images, and posts to a specific audience via the Facebook platform or ad network. Facebook advertising is the best way to get your message to the people that matter.

Facebook ads let you display text, images, and videos as well as slideshows on your advertisement to maximize audience engagement. Your audience can be targeted based on:


  • People who visited your website
  • Buy behavior
  • Digital activities
  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Information from third parties, such as consumer profiles and spending habits

You can also decide how much you would like to pay per click (or per thousand impressions) and Facebook Ads Service.


What is the Facebook Ads Service?

Our Facebook Ads Service at IC Digital Marketing LLC offers a complete solution for advertising on Facebook. Your company will receive the following deliverables as part of our services:


  • Up to 4 unique ads
  • Maximum 2 advertising campaigns
  • Maximum 4 copy and targeting tweaks
  • Receive up to one personal consultation

Your Facebook Ads Service include:


  • Social media specialists
  • Custom Facebook advertising strategy
  • Mobile-friendly Facebook ads
  • Demographic targeting
  • Setup and optimization of Facebook Advertising accounts
  • Facebook Pixel installation
  • 48-hour response time
  • Access MarketingCloudFX
  • Plus!

You can sign up for monitoring social media ads and commenting. IC Digital Marketing LLC can help you expand the number of ads and campaigns that you run.


Facebook Ads Service: Why?

There are many benefits to advertising on Facebook and investing in Facebook Ads Service.


  • Get access to the largest and most active social media networks
  • Competitive cost-per-click rates (CPC) rates available starting at $0.97
  • To reach your target audience, create hyper-targeted ads
  • Qualified leads can be earned at an average cost per lead (CPL) $1.07
  • Remarketing ads can be used to reconnect with website visitors
  • Reach 1000 people in your target market for $7.19 on average
  • Use social media to drive valuable traffic to your site

These are the benefits of using Facebook Ads Service.


  1. Qualified social media experts and a Facebook Marketing Partner can offer expert advice
  2. Strategies that are competitive based on years’ of experience
  3. To enhance your campaign, gain insight from competitors
  4. You can use actionable reporting to inform and improve your strategy.
  5. Machine learning tech and artificial intelligence for data-backed campaign moves


Facebook Advertising Services can help you make money

Facebook boasts over 1.4 Million active users and is the second most visited website. This gives companies access to a large pool of potential customers around the world. Facebook is an effective marketing tool that can be used to spread a message to large audiences or to target a specific demographic. However, many businesses don’t take full advantage of Facebook advertising’s rich features and intelligent bidding system. If managed well, Facebook advertising can be your best marketing tool for lead nurturing, sales acquisition, and sales.


Superior Facebook ads convert customers

Facebook advertising allows you to narrow down your target audience. You can specify who sees your ads on which platforms, how often, and when. You can set your budget and choose the pricing option you prefer, such as CPC, CPM, or CPA. This ensures that your ad is only charged for when it is being used. It is a fine-tuning tool that provides a complete suite of optimization, tracking and analysis metrics to produce proven results and high returns on investment.


Increase your revenue by targeting the right audience

An advertising service on Facebook that targets your ads precisely can increase traffic almost immediately. This increases your Google ranking and moves your site closer to the top of search results. Facebook advertising’s “Audiences” feature allows you to import customer email addresses and addresses into your Facebook ads campaign. This will increase repeat sales. Finally, customers who are satisfied with your service can engage with other users on Facebook. This allows them to easily spread the word.


With Facebook Advertising, you can dominate your competitors

Thin ting LLC is an expert in Facebook advertising, dating back to before it was a marketing channel. This is just one reason we are a top Facebook agency. We’ll help you with your goals and target customer segments. Our Facebook advertising specialists will guide you through the basics, and then discuss a customized solution that meets your business’s needs. From start to finish, we plan, execute, and manage campaigns hands-free. We provide world-class support with a transparent dashboard that allows you to track your expenditures until your Facebook advertising machine runs smoothly.

IC Digital Marketing LLC is your Facebook Ads Service provider. We provide strategic solutions to get your message across to the people who are most interested in it. We will work with you to identify your audience and determine the best strategy for reaching them. We will help your company achieve its highest social media goals.

Our social media experts will be there to help you through the creation, targeting, monitoring, and maintenance of your website. We are a Facebook Marketing Partner and know how to advertise on Facebook.


Which companies should use Facebook Ads Service?

Do you have questions about whether or not your business should invest in Facebook ad management?

If you are looking for:


  • Increase brand awareness through Facebook
  • Facebook Marketing Saves Time
  • Get clarity about advertising on Facebook, scaling campaigns and measuring results
  • Expert advice from Facebook advertising professionals
  • Compete against your competitors
  • Optimize Ad clicks, Spend, and Conversions
  • Facebook Advertising Campaigns that are successful
  • Facebook Ad Performance: Resolve plateaus

Our strategists can help you decide if Facebook Ads Service is right for you. They can help you decide whether professional Facebook Ads Service packages are right for your company.


What Can We Do for You?

We are technical and can assist you with daily management and best practices through Facebook Advertising.


  • The most important aspect of a business is branding. It helps you recognize your specialties for long-term business.
  • The main way to reach people and networks is by creating them. You can reach more people.
  • You want to achieve a high ROI. Potential customers are essential. This is Lead Generation.
  • Have you ever thought of ways to increase page likes. It is possible with the right strategies. This article will show you how to achieve more than you thought possible. This doesn’t require you to be an expert in any field or to have lots of money. It will work for anyone who is willing to try it.
  • To build your online business, you need to increase your post reach. You can do this by looking for ways to boost your Facebook posts. You can increase your visibility on Facebook by joining the network and sharing more posts. This is the basic idea of increasing traffic to your site and getting more people to it.
  • Online marketing is about engaging your audience. The purpose of Facebook Post Boosting is to increase traffic to your page. This is a great way for you to increase your reach and drive new people to your site.
  • How to increase brand reputation using quality Facebook ads? This is the question that many people ask when they first advertise on Facebook. The following article will help you create Facebook ads that produce the results you desire.
  • By optimizing your ad copy for specific audiences, you can increase app downloads using Facebook Ads. You should also ensure that your offer is targeted at the right audience by using appealing images or videos to highlight your product or service.
  • Facebook Retargeting can be one of the most powerful ways to market your business. Facebook offers many advertising tools, including Retargeting Marketing.


How Facebook Ads Service Works

Facebook Ads Service is based on the belief that every business is unique. It is crucial to understand the nuances and key messages of a product or service in order to ensure that your ads do not just get clicks but convert into sales.

You can trust our team to handle all aspects of your project. Our in-house Copy, Design, and Development Teams are well equipped to handle landing pages, website modifications, and creativity. You can rest assured knowing that we will be looking at the entire conversion funnel and not just driving traffic.

Every campaign has an Account Manager who is your first point of contact for all marketing channels we are working with. No matter what is happening “behind the scenes”, you will receive regular updates and video calls with one person.


Facebook Ads Strategy

To help you plan your Facebook Ads campaign, we will create a custom Facebook Ads strategy. Your strategy will outline clear, achievable goals but still manageable regarding your conversions and CPA.

We will outline the people we are going to target, and then break down our plan for action for your ad campaign, what steps we will take to achieve your goals.


Target Audiences Exactly

Facebook offers many ways to target specific audiences. But rather than racing in, we will do our research and design a strategy that identifies the right buyers.

Audience targeting is often what makes a campaign a success or failure. We’ll help you increase conversion rates and reduce your CPA by placing your ads in front of the right people.


Facebook Ad Optimisation

Our in-house team is able to handle all aspects of scroll-stopping advertisement creative. This includes writing engaging ad text that matches the social scroller’s mood or creating captivating videos to convey information in the most engaging manner.

We will work closely with your company to ensure that your ads are consistent with your brand.


Split Testing

What is the solution to almost every marketing question? Test!

It doesn’t matter if you are split testing audiences, landing pages, or ads, it is important to know when and what to test. You also need to be able to interpret the results and take lessons from them. We often use lessons learned from other sectors to get even better results because we work on so many campaigns.


Facebook Ads Optimisation

Campaigns are created. Campaigns that are successful are constantly refined, tweaked, and optimized. Go-live day is just the beginning. Every audience eventually gets tired; every ad eventually becomes saturated. Our Facebook Ads Team is relentless in driving improvements, rethinking, and testing new angles to improve performance.


Transparent reporting on performance

It’s important to know what we are doing, why, and what is happening. Our transparent reporting will tell you all that.

Your Account Manager will be available to you for weekly calls to discuss your campaign. Additionally, a quarterly review of our progress towards the 12-month goals will be offered.


Steps to Facebook Ads Service

Select Facebook Objectives for Campaigns

First, decide what you want to advertise on Facebook. Facebook is a wonderful tool. It is user-friendly and allows for creativity in the way that you send messages, images, and videos. This is a popular channel for businesses to advertise and reach their target markets. Before you can run your campaign, there are some things you need to do.

Create Quality Content for Facebook Ads

It is not enough to create an advertisement to drive traffic to your site. Learn how to create content for Facebook ads. This will assist you in promoting your website.

Ad Campaigns: Be responsive

If you plan to launch Facebook ads to promote your business, it is important to ensure that you can reach your target audience. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. This is why you need to make sure that your ads are responsive. Facebook is a great social media platform that allows you to reach many people, which means you won’t run out of potential customers.

Facebook Ads Budget: Analyze and Adjust Your Budget

There are many factors that you need to take into consideration when spending on Facebook. However, budget analysis and adjustment is an important part of planning your campaign. It doesn’t matter how large your budget is, it’s important to analyze the way that it will be spent in order to get the best bang for your buck.


ICDMLLC is the right choice for your Fb ads

Our social marketing specialists use Facebook PPC advertising campaigns for small business internet marketing. We handle every aspect of your advertising campaign from the initial setup to the weekly monitoring. We also make adjustments based upon the campaign’s success to ensure you get the best leads at the lowest possible price.

Facebook has more than 1.4 million active users. This makes it easier than ever to connect with your target audience and increase sales for your small business. Facebook advertising allows you to position your brand in front of a specific group of people on desktops and mobile devices. You can serve ads based on age, gender, location, income, interest, work, education, or other factors. You can ensure that your small business is reaching the most important people in your life: your customers.

We have helped hundreds of companies grow online since 2010 by helping them increase their leads and sales via their websites. This has been done through many pay-per-click marketing channels. However, we always focus on growing leads and sales.

We don’t have to lock our clients into minimum 12-month contracts because of our relentless focus on ROI. Clients stay with us because we make them more money, and that’s the right way.

Our team is enthusiastic and driven. We love setting and achieving aggressive goals for our clients. It’s a great feeling to achieve your CPA targets two months ahead of schedule, see our clients’ businesses grow, and get such positive feedback. This is what keeps us motivated and why we love to work with brands and companies that can make a tangible and visible difference in the ROI.


IC Digital Marketing LLC is Different

Our mission is to be the most analytical and data-driven social media marketing and online marketing company in the world. We operate differently from other social marketing agencies. Our account managers know more about businesses than most “Social Gurus”.

All our clients in social media marketing are guaranteed to receive the following:


  • Dedicated Account Manager is someone who understands social media and business.
  • Detailed Monthly Releases (that you can actually understand) that link social performance to your bottom-line
  • A Support Team which includes an analyst, web developer/web designer, and a professional copywriter


How much do Facebook Ads Service cost?

Facebook Ads Service is transparent. ICDMLLCmakes it easy to check if IC Digital Marketing LLC is the right partner for your business.


What to look out for in a Facebook Ads Service provider

It is important to find the right partner for your Facebook Ads Service. Look out for an agency that is up-to-date on Facebook advertising trends and offers ongoing training to their employees so they can master new techniques.

Look for transparent pricing and deliverables. After receiving a quote from Facebook, a Facebook advertising agency may place pricing on its site or share pricing. When choosing a Facebook advertising agency, transparency in pricing is a key element to consider. Find out what advertising agencies share Facebook advertising results with you and if they have access to real-time campaign performance.

You should evaluate the communication skills of every Facebook advertising expert that you meet during your research. Are they responsive and clear? Are they interested in answering your questions or are they merely busy? These tips will help you find the best Facebook advertising service provider like IC Digital Marketing LLC, for your business.


What metrics does Facebook Ads Service measure?

IC Digital Marketing LLC employs multiple methods to assess Facebook advertising results. Data is analyzed using Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics (site performance), and IC Digital Marketing LLC strategies.


  • Network performance is the number of ad clicks on Facebook. The key performance indicators are impressions, reach and engagements, click through rates, cost per click, click rate, clicks, and cost per click.
  • Site performance is the result of your Facebook ads on traffic to your website. Sessions, bounce rate and average time on page are some of the key performance indicators. Pageviews, goals completed, purchases, and pageviews are also important.

Our Facebook Ad Services and Facebook Ad Experts will help you to define your most important KPIs, analyze your campaign results and optimize performance.


Facebook Ads Manager

While key performance indicators can vary in weight and size depending on the goals of your Facebook advertising campaign, there are some metrics that will apply to all campaigns.


  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Results (clicks, views, post engagements, conversions, etc.)
  • Cost per result
  • Rate of results (click-through rate, conversion rate).

IC Digital Marketing LLC can install or optimize the Facebook Pixel using Facebook Ads Manager. The Facebook Pixel gives you more insight into Facebook advertising results and allows you to measure them by tracking visitors’ behavior.

The Facebook Pixel is an additional code that you add to each page of your website. This code is used to track all visitors to your website, not just those from Facebook. It also tracks the pages they visit and the actions they take. Advertisers can use the Facebook Pixel to remarket to site visitors, track leads and measure purchases, and optimize campaigns to take advantage of these valuable actions.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is crucial for measuring the performance of a Facebook advertising strategy that aims to drive and increase traffic to your website.

IC Digital Marketing LLC’s Facebook advertising team analyses what happens to traffic when they leave Facebook to visit your website. Some important questions include:


  • What length of time do visitors stay on the site?
  • Which pages are they looking at and how many?
  • What percentage of the site’s traffic is new?
  • How much traffic bounces when you visit the site?

Optimizing Facebook advertising campaigns can be done by combining data from Google Analytics with performance on the network.


What ad formats does Facebook offer?

IC Digital Marketing LLC will help you choose the right ad format to use for your Facebook advertising campaign, based on your goals and resources. With our Facebook advertising services, we use all available ad formats.

Copy, tone, call to action, media, and media are all important elements of advertising. These elements are the foundation of different formats. It is important to have strong elements in order to maximize the potential for ad formats in your campaign.

These formats are available for ad purposes:

Single Image Ads


  • Add a link to your website with one image, headline copy, copy, link description, and call-to action
  • Most often used in conversion campaigns or traffic.



  • Include a photo with copy
  • Useful for awareness and post engagement campaigns



  • Include a video with your ad
  • This can be used in a post-engagement campaign without a destination URL or in traffic campaigns and conversation campaigns which will include a title, description and call-to action below the video



  • Combining multiple photos into a scrolling carousel, with a call to action and a headline for each photo.
  • Most often used in conversion and traffic campaigns



  • Any ad with a destination can use canvas.
  • Canvas is similar in concept to creating a landing webpage that lives within Facebook
  • You can combine videos, photos and text with buttons to create a mini landing page for your Ad to share more information than what you can fit into the News Feed.



  • You can promote multiple products with a Facebook Catalog in a Carousel or Collection format.


What are the objectives of Facebook Ads Service?

IC Digital Marketing LLC recognizes that every business has different goals for a Facebook advertisement campaign. Facebook advertising has goals at every stage of the sales funnel, from brand awareness to conversions.

All goals can be met by our Facebook PPC campaign management services, which include:



Do you want to increase awareness or reach new customers? A campaign with an awareness objective will work well.

For example, a law firm may use Facebook advertising in order to reach people who are interested in their services. For example, someone in a recent fight may see a lawyer’s Facebook ads due to their recent interest in finding a lawyer.

Facebook offers two options when it comes to advertising goals at the awareness level: Reach and Brand Awareness.

Both goals are related to increasing awareness about your business. Let’s see how they differ.


  • The goal of the brand awareness objective is to reach people likely to be interested by your brand, product, or services.
  • The goal of reaching objectives is to reach as many people as possible within a target audience.


Take into account

Choose a consideration goal for your Facebook Ad to drive people down the conversion funnel.

All objectives in this category require that users take action, regardless of whether they want to make a visit to your site or view a video. This encourages users to interact, view, click, and engage, taking them beyond mere awareness.

These objectives include traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, and messages.

Traffic: This goal is simple – drive more visitors to your site.

Engagement: There are three options for the engagement goal


  • Post engagement: Get more post engagement on your Facebook content
  • Likes on Facebook: Get more likes
  • Event responses: Increase the response rate to a Facebook event

App installs: If your company has an app you want more people to download, this objective can be useful.

Video views: This objective will increase your video content’s views.

Lead generation: This goal can help you generate more sales leads via email and information collection.

Messages: The message’s objective allows you to have more conversations with your audience.



Facebook can help your business’s bottom line. Yes! Facebook has three goals to help you drive conversions in your store or on your website.

These objectives work best when you target warm audiences, which includes people who already know about your business. To reach larger audiences with Conversion campaigns, objectives in the Awareness and Consideration stages may be useful.

Conversions: Get more customers to your site by converting them into sales, quotes, forms, and downloads.

Catalog sales: Increase sales of products in your Facebook Product Catalog. This goal is only applicable to e-commerce shops.

Store visits: Drive in-store location visits. This objective is only available to businesses that have Facebook Locations. To use it, you must first have a Facebook Business Manager account.


Which targeting does Facebook Ad Services use?

Facebook advertising allows you to target both large, general audiences and specific, narrow audiences. The goals of any Facebook advertising campaign will determine the type of audience you choose to target.

Facebook offers three types of audiences that our Facebook advertising services can use:


  • Saved Audiences – This is a wide audience.
  • Custom Audiences – Usually a very specific audience
  • Lookalike Audiences – This is a broad audience.

The demographics, gender, location, and interests of saved audiences include age, gender, location, and behaviors. These identifiers can be used by Facebook advertisers to create audiences based upon information about their target audience.

Facebook allows advertisers to use data and interact on Facebook pages and websites with custom audiences. These audiences can be based on traffic to your website, customer lists, or users who interact with you on Facebook or view your videos.

Facebook advertisers have the option to use custom audiences in their remarketing campaigns. This allows you to keep current customers coming back, or keep users at the forefront of your sales or conversion journey. Facebook advertisers have the option to layer any of the identifiers in Saved Audiences.

These audiences include audiences that are similar to the users in your Saved and Custom audiences. They might have the same interests, demographics, and behaviors as your audience.

Facebook advertisers have the option to layer any of the identifiers in Saved Audiences to Custom or Lookalike audiences.


Get started with Facebook advertising

Are you interested in starting a Facebook advertisement campaign, Facebook Ads Service with IC Digital Marketing LLC?

Our IC Digital Marketing LLC Facebook advertising specialists will help you create your strategy, continuously analyze and optimize campaigns, as well as transparently report on the results.

IC Digital Marketing LLC collaborates with a Facebook advertising representative to get support and insight directly from Facebook!

Contact our team of strategists to find out more and get started with Facebook Ads Service.

Are you looking for more sales and traffic? Use the most targeted digital marketing method. Get your brand in front of its ideal audience. Scale your winning campaigns. Increase your sales. You don’t need to write a single advertisement.
Our Facebook Ad Management Specialists are experts in Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and the Audience Network. They will help you find your target audience, show them great creativity, and drive the business growth you want Facebook Ads Service.




$ 70
Delivery Time- 5 days
Page Setup
Analytics/Tracking Setup
Website Integration
Action Plan
Additional platforms


$ 130
Delivery Time- 10 days
Page Setup
Analytics/Tracking Setup
Website Integration
Action Plan
Additional platforms


$ 190
Delivery Time- 15 days
Page Setup
Analytics/Tracking Setup
Website Integration
Action Plan
Additional platforms
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